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Fabric Protection Brooklyn

Protect Fabric Professionally

Once you have the perfect furniture it’s best to protect it as much as you can, because it is the most simple and cheap prevention technique that you can use. If you don’t take care of your furniture, its fabric will wear out faster, its colors will fade and not before long your furniture will look like it was bought ages ago. 

Not to mention that, accidents can happen anytime. Let us talk to you about our professionally fabric protection program. 

How Does Fabric Protection Work?

Our team of professionals uses a spray designed to work as a protection layer for your furniture. It is safe to use and it’s also powerful enough so that any accidental spills will not leave a permanent stain. 

No more stains!

By using our spray and other customized techniques, your fabric will be protected against most accidents that can happen in a home. When something happens, don’t worry; you can simply wipe your fabric clean in matter of seconds without any permanent damages. 

No more worries!

Furniture Repair Brooklyn has a variety of protection plans customized to fit your needs and budget. Contact us today and let our furniture and upholstery experts help you enjoy your furniture and fabric longer, without worry.

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