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How to Keep Your Upholstery Looking Like New

When you finally have the furniture of your dreams you will try to keep it as much as possible in the same state for as long as possible. In order to be successful at this task we gathered a few tips below: 

Clean Your Furniture Regularly

At least once per week clean your furniture with a clean fabric or use a vacuum with its proper tools. We know this is a no brainer advice but most people ignore the most evident solutions. To keep your furniture as new as possible keep dust away from it. 

Use the Right Cleaning Materials

No matter what cleaning products you’re using, make sure that you read the instructions of each one of them. Also, if possible, before using the products on the furniture try it on a sample of fabric or on a small surface so you’ll know that the effects are the ones you’re expecting.

Home Remedies Will Work. Sometimes

And sometimes their effects can make the problem worst. Yes, some home remedies and quick fixes work as advertised, but there are also some that can permanently damage your furniture or fabric. 

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