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Furniture Restoration & Repair Brooklyn

Furniture Restoration Solutions

Our specialists can work with most types of wood; they use state-of-the-art techniques and technology to restore your furniture’s lost beauty. 

We know how important and durable furniture should be. That is why we try to convince people the buying new furniture is not always the best solution. Yes, in time, furniture loses its shine and its colors fade, but with our restoration techniques your furniture will be completely transformed.

Let us tell you about the restoration solutions that we use. 

Restoration Solutions

French Polishing is used to give the furniture that old high-gloss and deep wood color, exactly how it was when you first brought it home.  We also use refinishing services so that the furniture will maintain its new aspect for as long as possible.  What we do is to peel away that first layer of dust and dull color from the furniture and the nwe add a new clean layer that will keep the furniture safe. 

As a side service, we also have a team of professionals specialized in cleaning and extermination solutions. We know that pests are the real threat of any furniture. They can harm the wood and fabric so much that some pieces can be beyond salvation. 

For these rare cases, after we clean your house and furniture we will like to talk to you about repairs solutions. 

Repairs Solutions

Pests or pets, kids, accidents and pretty much everything in the right conditions can break or destroy a furniture or fabric. Luckily, we provide repairs solutions customized on your needs. We can fix torn leather, stains, spills, dents, and re-create broken or missing parts. 

Get in touch with us and let our specialists fix your furniture! 

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